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IVES Information

The Illawarra Veterans Entitlement Service was formed to assist free of charge ALL veterans who are ex-service or who are still serving in the Australian Defence Force. This also extends to widows and immediate family.

Our volunteer Pension Officers and Advocates help veterans and their Next of Kin with their claims for service related disability compensation.

Our organisation of IVES Inc. (Illawarra Veterans Entitlement Service Inc) is a ‘Not for Profit' and a 'registered charity’.   Our voluntary services are totally free to the veteran, widow or next of kin, from case start to finish. We are 'Incorporated' in NSW and we hold charity status with the Australian Tax Office. IVES is funded solely through grants and donations.

Our volunteer Pension Officers and Advocates have undertaken specific training, and hold accreditation with the Department of Veteran Affairs TIP Scheme.

We are locally based in the Illawarra District with our office being located in Jamberoo, a 30 minute drive South of Wollongong in the Illawarra.   

We are not on duty every day and the following is a guide of our availability. 

Monday -         Jamberoo Office is not attended - Hall Closed

Tuesday -         First two of each month we are away on outreach or client appointments if no hearings are set for the Veteran’s Review Board. Our ‘outreach’ program gives veterans in other areas of the state an opportunity to utilise our services where they cannot get to Jamberoo.

Wednesday -    Jamberoo Office open - client appointments - Hall Open

Thursday -       Jamberoo Office open - client appointments - Hall Open

Friday -            Jamberoo Office is seldom staffed as we are usually at the Veterans Review Board - Hall Closed

Our Office Staff are also volunteers, with one dedicated to downloading phone messages and arranging client appointments.   There may be instances where a message left on our phones cannot be acted upon immediately, but usually you will hear from us the next day unless we are away on outreach programs or busy with family matters.  If you are not contacted back in 3-4 working days, then please make contact again.  Do not forget to leave your name and phone number when placing a message.

Thank you for logging onto our Website. If you think we can assist please contact us on:



PO BOX 123

We hope this web site will be of initial assistance to you.